Caol Ila 10 TSD

Caol Ila 10 TSD

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1 l = 135,71 €
Lebensmittelbez.: Whisky
Whiskytyp: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Schottland / Islay
Hersteller: Caol Ila Distillery

The Shining Dram
Sonnenwiechser Str. 21
83052 Bruckmühl

Serie: Single Cask
Alter: 10 Jahre
Fassart / Nr.: Hogshead
Alkohol: 53.3 %
Fassstärke: ja
Kühlgefiltert: nein
Farbstoff (E 150): nein
Inhalt: 0,7 l


Nose: stewed yellow fruits, vanilla, marshmellows, buttermilk; unripe banana skin, limey, sea sprey, hospitals, smoked oysters, peat reek

Taste: Very sweet, milky mouthfeel, milk chocolate, coffee beans, vanilla, lime and big, warm smoke flavous

Finish: Getting dryer on smoke, bitter herbs and some vanilla

A young but not too young Caol Ila one only could wish for!!!

Tasting Notes by Peter Krause (

Comment: A typical example, and a nice one too. Like a walk in a mediterranean olive grove with a glass of Islay Whisky. Oven fire gone out with spent coal, juniper, olives, resin, licorice, fishing boat (ropes, kelp, fish, seashell minerality, peat, ozone, green tea and Lemon chicken. On the palate it is well-balanced, spirit driven and naked, enticing! Flintiness joins in as well as a sweet oily maltiness. Pure Islay with finesse!

Score: 89

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