Ardmore 1997 48.6 % TSD

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1 l = 192,86 €
Lebensmittelbez.: Whisky
Whiskytyp: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Schottland / Speyside
Hersteller: Ardmore Distillery
Abfüller/Vertrieb:     The Shining Dram
Kirchzeile 5
83043 Bad Aibling
Serie: Single Casks
Destilliert: 1997
Abgefüllt: 2019
Alter: 21 Jahre
Fassart / Nr.: Hogshead
Alkoholgehalt in Vol.-%: 48.6
Fassstärke: ja
Flaschenanzahl: k.A.
Kühlgefiltert: nein
Farbstoff (E 150): nein
Inhalt: 0,7 l

Nose: Fresh with slightly sweet citrus notes (candied lemons, oranges, blood oranges); green apples; sweet and sour winegums; menthol; filigree, fresh, aromatic smoke with a sea breeze; beneath warm oakwood with real vanilla and herbal bitter notes from the wood

Taste: A dry style; slightly sweet (yellow apples), sour (currant), bitter (herbs, roots) and salty - more on the fresh side; unsweetened vanillacream; a dry hint of spreyed smoke

Finish: A very moderate chili catch, than it fades out on subtle smoke, herbs and a dry saltiness

A very soothing, fresh malt - perfect after an extensive meal or if you just love to enjoy a special coastal malt!

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