Orkney Single Malt 12 TSD

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1 l = 127,14 €
Lebensmittelbez.: Whisky
Whiskytyp: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Schottland / Orkney
Hersteller: -

The Shining Dram
Sonnenwiechser Str. 21
83052 Bruckmühl

Serie: Single Cask
Alter: 12 Jahre
Fassart / Nr.: Hogshead
Alkohol: 50.6 %
Fassstärke: ja
Kühlgefiltert: nein
Farbstoff (E 150): nein
Inhalt: 0,7 l


Nose: Dusty, earthy, spicy; old, dark, aromatic wood with some fresh pine; cloves and incense; dark fruits like dates; beeswax; a little bit coastel

Taste: Dark fruits, dark chocolate, malt, honey and some dry smoke, astringent

Finish: Dry with espresso, dark chocolate, salt and aromatic lingering smoke on an old honeycomb

A dram you have to love. With water and time it becomes much fruitier and less spicy, so take your time!

Tasting Notes by Peter Krause (slowdrink.de)

Comment: Give this one time and it will rock your world. Starts youthful and with great balance, then it becomes more mature. Mossy river, peaty Highland floor with heather, herbs, ozone, black pepper, juniper, sloe berry, hazelnut shrub, sweet malt, Turkish delight, white chocolate, litchi, kurkuma, olive oil and more. It tastes wonderful and manages to combine two worlds: lightness yet being heavily loaded with aromas. The malty sweetness and complexity in coastal style is breathtaking. Buy!

Score: 90

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