Blended Malt XO TSD

Blended Malt XO TSD

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1 l = 140,00 €
Lebensmittelbez.: Whisky
Whiskytyp: Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

The Shining Dram
Sonnenwiechser Str. 21
83052 Bruckmühl

Serie: Single Cask
Alter: XO
Fassart / Nr.: Sherry Cask
Alkohol: 44.9 %
Fassstärke: ja
Kühlgefiltert: nein
Farbstoff (E 150): nein
Inhalt: 0,7 l

Nose: Old polished, dark choclaty, smoky, dry Sherry style with lots of dried dark fruits, raisins, cloves, a good portion of salted almonds (like dry Amontillado Sherry), some crisp wood smoke, dark mint chocolate, coffee toffee; some lime and mandarines giving a certain freshness to all those dry, smoky Sherry flavours;

Taste: Oranges, cloves, dark chocolate, Espresso, some wood smoke, dry sherry soaked european oak flavours, salty Madeira

Finish: Getting very dry with dark chocolate and coffee beans and some mint leaves


What is this malt about?

This blended malt was created out of Whiskies matured in Sherry Casks from the 1960's and 1970's vatted with some "younger" whisky. Then it all matured in a Sherry Butt for around another 15 years - so we have no real young whiskies in here.
We mustn't name the distilleries but it's mainly from the Speyside Region and a little bit is said to be from the Orkneys!

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