Auchroisk 24 TSD 10cl

Auchroisk 24 TSD 10cl

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1 l = 219,00 €
Lebensmittelbez.: Whisky
Whiskytyp: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Schottland / Speyside
Hersteller: Auchroisk Distillery

The Shining Dram
Sonnenwiechser Str. 21
83052 Bruckmühl

Serie: Single Cask
Alter: 24 Jahre
Fassart / Nr.: Bourbon Hogshead
Alkohol: 43.5 %
Fassstärke: ja
Kühlgefiltert: nein
Farbstoff (E 150): nein
Inhalt: 0,1 l

Nose: Pleasing and inviting; a fruit mix with ripe yellow apples, juicy oranges and dried pears; warm caramel; almonds; creamy, silky cereal and bread flavours with some butter; honey and bitter herbs

Taste: Creamy and silky mouthfeel; surprisingly dry and restrained; straight in charakter with lots of old bourbon oak, dry vanilla and some pepper; honey and bitter herbs again and some malt flavours and almonds

Finish: Fades away gently, leaving a dry silky feeling on the tongue


Some thoughts on the malt:

A well matured 24 year old malt. No marketing product, no heavy peat, no overpowering cask, not super sweet. It's the understatement that makes it so interesting. And to have a whisky in cask strength with only 43.5 % (which makes it very easy to drink without adding any water!) is something special!
Take some time to listen to a dram speaking with a soft voice not trying to convince you by screaming at you ...

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